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MARKETING TO BANK CUSTOMERS FIVE TIPS FOR YOUR BANK STAFF M I K E S U L L I VA N Lessons in aspic and ambrosia i reenwoodtos... G proud host Ó ÒThe Help. y understanding how the older generation changes as it ages, your sales stafs can overcome barriers and connect more efectively with customers. When we conduct training programs for bank personnel, we fnd they are good at following the sales script but not as good at relating their sales proposition to the unique nature of senior adults. Here is a list of sales tips for your staf: B 1) C o n n ec t w i t h t h e r i g h t s i d e o f t h e b r a i n . Explain your bank's program by telling stories that touch emotions. Modern brain research shows that the use of relevant stories increases the fow of adrenaline to the brain and helps us store and recall. Images are stored in a diferent place in the brain than the words that describe the visual. Eighty percent of the brain is involved in processing imagery. 2) R e l at e t o t h e i r l i v e s i n r e t i r e m e n t. Customers want to know what the loyalty program ofers and balance those things against the experiences they want in retirement. Ask the specifc question "What do you want to do in retirement?" For older adults, the "what" is usually signifcant and very individualized. Show them how your bank can satisfy their needs and how you can help them do that. 3) B e au t h e n t i c a n d t r u s t w o r t h y. Show you care about them as persons. Tey want to be treated as individuals, not as sales prospects. Tey want to be able to trust you. Be authentic in your discussions with them. Tey are "professional consumers" with a lifetime of buying experiences. In particular, your face is a clue to whether you believe what you're saying. Treat all their questions with respect and answer them respectfully. 4) Connect by relating to their families and yours. Te family is a well of deep, emotional feelings that drive much of our behavior. Show customers pictures of your own children and grandchildren. Talk about them. More than 80 percent of people over age 60 are grandparents. Focus on the emotional connection between older adults and their grandchildren. For a free copy of the tour map, visit us online. 5) C o n t r o l t h e p h y s i c a l s e t t i n g . Make older adults comfortable in your ofce. Ofer them the most comfortable chairs. Keep a couch pillow in plain sight that they can use to make themselves more comfortable. Have several sets of reading glasses in case they forgot theirs. Use a large-barrel pen so it's easy for them to write. Avoid bright lights or outside sunshine, which can distract them from your message. For information about his "Boomerama" sales training program, contact Mike Sullivan at or 704-554-7863. WEB EXCLUSIVES GET 5 MORE TIPS ONLINE AT: WWW.BANKTRAVELMANAGEMENT.COM S E P T E M B E R / O C T O B E R Group Travel Rebates available. 2 0 1 3

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