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who moved to Huntsville once he learned his trade, Boardman followed the progress of the constitutional convention each day and went back to his shop to set type and print newspapers offering coverage of the proceedings. The home of Stephen Neill is another focal point of Constitution Village. The entire family shared a bedroom upstairs, and the kitchen next door included an ugly jug, a small pot that was marked by a grotesque face. Because slaves and children could not read, they were taught that anything in the ugly jug was off limits and not to be used for cooking. EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Due primarily to the aerospace industry, Huntsville is blessed with some very educated people. One of the best examples I saw of what innovative residents can create for their kids is EarlyWorks Children's History Museum. Considering its size, the fascinating complex packs more hands-on learning wizardry than any I've seen. A talking tree, a reproduction keelboat and numerous other interactive displays have been professionally designed and created there, giving it the feel of something comparable to a "Sesame Street" set. I'd say the citizens of Huntsville want their children to be intellectually engaged from the outset. Another Huntsville offering for kids and adults alike is SciQuest, a hands-on learning center that offers summer camps and special events year-round. Supported by many local technology companies and other corporations, this science center will move to spacious new headquarters in adjacent Madison, Alabama, this fall. "Huntsville was a city built by the rich for the rich," said our guide at the Old Depot, the city's historic train station. Taken out of context, this statement might be off-putting to some. But his point was well taken once we watched the museum's multimedia program. When you consider its heritage as both a 19th-century cotton refinery and railroad center for the South and then a century later as America's wellspring for space exploration, you realize that Huntsville does have a history of affluence. Its Old Depot embodies that. B A N K T R A V E L M A N A G E M E N T. C O M 17

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