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"FIVE YEARS AGO, THERE MIGHT HAVE BEEN FIVE GOOD RESTAURANTS DOWNTOWN. TODAY, THERE ARE FIVE TIMES THAT MANY. AND MORE ARE ON THE WAY." AN ARRAY development of this community venue for weddings, receptions and children's educational programming. Burritt left the entire estate to the city upon his death in 1955. "We have a wedding up here every Saturday of the year," our host Caroline Kelly told me. "With the exception of major holidays like Christmas, we're booked." Interpreters were busy on the estate's Whimsical Woods learning trail for children while we were there. It will be replaced next year with another creation designed to teach children about the outdoors, history, craftsmanship and selfreliance. Constitution Village is a re-creation of life in the city around 1819. On this site, in July of that year, constitutional delegates gathered to ratify the state's Constitution and enter the Union as the country's 22nd state. At that time, the most suitable place to meet was a local cabinetmaker's shop, which has been re-created there. John Boardman was the local publisher in that day, and his printing shop has also been re-created. A Connecticut native OF AT T R AC T I O N S Huntsville Botanical Garden A concert at the Huntsville Museum of Art Harrison Brothers Hardware Store 16 BANK TRAVEL M A N A G E M E N T S E P T E M B E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 3

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