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FLOWERS, FAMILY AND A FURRY FRIEND At home, Sundall is a master gardener, a title that not only boasts profcient gardening skills but also requires certifcation. With a colorful yard and an adopted garden at the local fairgrounds, she explained her obsession: "I just love fowers." When she doesn't have her hands in dirt, she and husband Dan spend time with their three adult children and two grandchildren, all of whom live nearby. "But these days, it is Gunner that is top dog, literally, at our house," she said with a chuckle. Gunner, a yellow Labrador retriever, came to live in the Sundall house by way of their son Bryan, who brought home the stray and "very lovable" pooch years ago. "I warned Bryan that his dad was going to have a ft, and indeed, we hid her in the basement until Don fnally fgured it all out," Sundall said. "Once our secret was out, he told Bryan that Gunner could live outside until he found her a new home. "In fact, I remember that Don said with much authority, 'Tis arrangement is temporary.'" Seven years later, Gunner rules the Sundall residence with an iron paw, privy to all indoor luxury and even Don's passenger seat while this dedicated dog lover runs errands in and around town. "Oh, make no doubt about it, my husband is now the one who is the most pathetic," Sundall said. "It's a big reason why Don doesn't travel with our group. Someone has to stay home with Gunner." Sundall's travelers prepare for a boat excursion. e p l o re MANAGER 14- to 21-Night Australia/New Zealand Cruisetours onboard Celebrity Solstice® January - March 2015 Book your 2015 Australia/New Zealand Cruisetour Groups Now. I S LA NDS IN T HE SU N CRU IS ES & TOURS, INC 800-278-7786 2 MANAGER • NETWORK WITH OTHER BANKS TO MAKE TRIPS HAPPEN. THIS NOT ONLY FILLS YOUR ROSTER BUT, MOST IMPORTANTLY, OFFERS MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUR MEMBERS. • ATTRACTING BOOMERS TO YOUR PROGRAM IS SO IMPORTANT. LOOK FOR WAYS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN, INCLUDING OFFERING WEEKEND TRAVELS. USE EXCITEMENT AND HYPE. • TO DO WHAT WE DO DAY IN AND DAY OUT, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A LOVE FOR PEOPLE. IT'S NOT ALWAYS EASY. 12 BANK TRAVEL M A N A G E M E N T S E P T E M B E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 3

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